Past Haunts

2016 Haunts


The Dry Fork Mines closed in 1954 after an explosion ripped through the deep caverns. Hundreds of miners lost their lives in the calamity, their bodies were never recovered. 62 years later, the ML Mining Corporation has plans to reopen the site, hoping to attract jobs and commerce to the now economically depressed area. The team of miners and scientists sent in to assess the safety and viability of the mines reported seeing strange organisms before losing communication topside. Your job is to recover that team – dead or alive.


Through the entrance, the smell of stale soot arises from the ground. Walls plastered with decades of muck. The eerie laughing of children bouncing down the hallways. Abandoned classrooms remaining as time capsules. Lights flicker throughout the war-torn building. Daylight fading quickly through the windows. As night approaches, the children’s voices grow louder. Eyes following every step taken. A spine tingling chill runs its course…


The Russian ship “The Demeter” washed ashore from a sudden and violent storm with its foreign passenger Count Orlok. After some time, the townsfolk began to wonder if he was to blame for the Black Death ravaging the land. The rats continued to spread the disease and within days the plague doctors took over the city to rid it of the infected. While the stench of burning flesh still hanging in the air from the pyres, the reign of Nosferatu was about to begin. The town could not prepare for the terror about to unfold.


Gears grind as production at the Doll Factory lurches forward with a sole purpose: the creation of maniacal porcelain demons for distribution into the unsuspecting world. They live in the toy boxes and closets and they sleep under your children’s beds. The dolls are bent for blood and thrive on your fear, reflected back to you through their empty glassy eyes.

2015 Haunts

Memento Mori

After a year of slaughtering in a South Florida hotel, two murderous sisters relocate to the enchanted streets of New Orleans. Peddling witchery as their wares. Deep in the bayous of Louisiana, the common grounds of voodoo and witchcraft, where spells are a part of the religious culture. The two girls take part in a voodoo ceremony, where they find their new “identities”. They learn the ways and the various spells, hexes, curses and fixes.

Beyond the Gates

There are certain times when the veil between our world and the underworld are very thin and we may see a glimpse of the other side. A darker side… a shadow seen out of the corner of your eye, the door that creaks open without warning, the feeling of something watching you, sounds of footsteps on the floor or nails scratching at the bedroom door.
There are many things that we see with our eyes that the human mind cannot comprehend. Most often these occurrences are ignored or rationalize for comfort sake.
Only a very few among the living possess the esoteric knowledge of the creatures beyond the gates. For everything that goes bump in the night resides in a parallel dimension. Only the eyes of the dead can truly see where nightmares and fairy tales are born!

Animal Farm

There’s a fine line that separates man from beast, the opposable thumb and the supposed conscience for example. Either way, deep within lies a soul that can be easily filled with the deepest hatred and darkest intentions. You are part of this dichotomy, and the time has come for the animals to rise up and reclaim their place at the top of the food chain. The Animal Farm blurs the traditional roles of the monster and the master. Humanoids, freaks, and half -beasts roam the trampled acres and await your arrival. You will be judged, placed and processed because you are the meat.

Meadow Lakes

Nestled quietly against calm waters, Meadow Lakes quickly became the last bastion on Earth amidst global chaos brought on by an unknown virus. While the lakeside community nervously looked on as the turmoil unfolded, Sector Four staff worked at a feverish pace to secure the last stronghold in their control. Established to combat the looming threat, its concrete walls which seemed to stretch upwards infinitely, a large titanium door strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast, and guard towers littering the perimeter, Sector Four officials were confident in their ability to contain and reverse the virus. Soon, however, the community of Meadow Lakes began to experience civil unrest stemming from what seemed to be random attacks and mysterious disappearances of friends and loved ones. As the air became contaminated with a thick smog of fear and paranoia, cracks began to form in the once impenetrable walls of Sector Four…

2014 Haunts

New World Order

The near future. Individual thought is dead. Freedom, gone. A clan of ruthless human clones scours the South Florida streets to find the few remaining citizens that have not been entered into the system. Everyone is subject to a full reprogramming through brainwash and torture to suit the needs of the New World Order and the Mighty General. There is only one directive for you to follow…OBEY. You are soon to be part of the new race of mindless drones.

Flamingo Hotel

Two young girls escape from the abuse and darkness of a local South Florida orphanage on Halloween. They take shelter in a local haunted hotel, hiding from the staff and wreaking havoc on guests and employees alike. Eventually their sick and idle little minds lead them to murder a guest and stuff her body into the wall. The girls are excited by the danger and rush. Emerging from their secret doors and hiding places in the walls, they continue their bloodthirsty rampage on all who dare to check in to the Flamingo Hotel. Why visit a haunted house when you can visit a haunted hotel.


Gaze upon the ancient times. Cast the bones. Summon Demons that time forgot. Place burnt offerings on the alter of the Deviants. The realm of the dead beckons you! This is a place where the walking dead roam the earth and zombies rule. Ghosts, demons, and a graveyard full of the undead – they are coming to get you. In this haunt, no one will hear you scream!

2013 Haunts

A Grimm’s Tale

What’s under the bed? What lurks in the closet? But most of all, what rotten beasts live in the pages of those books on your shelf? Let your imagination get the best of you and you will realize that all of the fairy tales we were told as children were dulled down versions of the real things. Tales of murder, betrayal, abduction and pure horror are what truly graced those bloodstained pages. Your childhood memories are wrong. You will soon see, that the truth is a nightmare world where your senses are turned upside down and fear is playing sweetly in the background… a lullaby of death.

The Smiths

After years of traveling the dusty back roads of Middle America with their Carnival of Creeps, the Smiths decide to settle down in a sleepy town. A little quality time with the family and a celebration is in order… for all the murders and abductions they got away with on their whirlwind tour. Now the Smiths are busy plotting how they will terrorize their new hometown, plucking off, torturing and usually dismembering their victims. No one knows what the new neighbors are all about, but they will find out soon enough.

Sunnyville Orphanage

All ghost hunters have heard of the Sunnyville Orphanage, a past remnant of South Florida’s sordid history. The lost, forgotten souls march in a line. Down the dank and smelly halls the ghosts trudge to their lonely rooms. They know they are unwanted and this feeds a fire in their bellies that almost erases the gnawing hunger. A loneliness and madness echo through the building, and darkness is the only true companion. They are beaten and tortured and told they are worthless. Then, the solitude brings anger and hatred so harsh and real, there is only one way to express it. To KILL. Everyone and everything must DIE! The children rise up into one collective monster, one powerful energy, that has only one thought…..MURDER.

Country Bill’s Meat Market

Off the beaten path, in a small Louisiana town, just outside New Orleans, and past the St. Francisville plantation – lies Country Bill’s Meat Market, where they sell the finest cuts of meat this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Bill’s secret recipe has been handed down through many o’ generations and is hand made ’til this very day. Don’t venture too far off into the woods or you might run into one of these butchers. You may not like what you find…or better yet, what might find you.

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