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$30: 3 of the 4 haunted houses, all rides. 

$70: 4 haunted houses, 4 RIP Passes, all rides.
(R.I.P. pass is a "fast pass" and also gets you access to the R.I.P. Lounge with cash bar)


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The Haunted Houses at Fright Nights Scream Park

The Smiths

The Smiths

After years of traveling the dusty back roads of Middle America with their Carnival of Creeps, the Smiths decide to settle down in a sleepy town. A little quality time with the family and a celebration is in order… for all the murders and abductions they got away with on their whirlwind tour. Now the Smiths are busy plotting how they will terrorize their new hometown, plucking off, torturing and usually dismembering their victims. No one knows what the new neighbors are all about, but they will find out soon enough.

A Grim's Tale

A Grim's Tale

What’s under the bed? What lurks in the closet? But most of all, what rotten beasts live in the pages of those books on your shelf? Let your imagination get the best of you and you will realize that all of the fairy tales we were told as children were dulled down versions of the real things. Tales of murder, betrayal, abduction and pure horror are what truly graced those bloodstained pages. Your childhood memories are wrong. You will soon see, that the truth is a nightmare world where your senses are turned upside down and fear is playing sweetly in the background… a lullaby of death.

Sunnyville Orphanage

Sunnyville Orphanage

The lost, forgotten souls march in a line. Down the dank and smelly halls they trudge to their lonely rooms. They know they are unwanted and this feeds a fire in their bellies that almost erases the gnawing hunger. A loneliness and madness echo through the building, and darkness is the only true companion. They are beaten and tortured and told they are worthless. Then, the solitude brings anger and hatred so harsh and real, there is only one way to express it. To KILL. Everyone and everything must DIE! The children rise up into one collective monster, one powerful energy, that has only one thought…..MURDER.

Country Bill's Meat Market

Country Bill’s Meat Market

Off the beaten path, in a small Louisiana town, lies Country Bill's Meat Market, where they sell the finest cuts of meat this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Bill's secret recipe has been handed down through many o' generations and is hand made 'til this very day.

Don't venture too far off into the woods. You may not like what you find...

...or better yet, what might find you.