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Haunted Attractions in South Florida and Halloween-related activities

Haunted Attraction Directories

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We know haunted house enthusiasts visit more than one attraction, so we have made a list of some of our local favorites! While Fright Nights is the biggest, there are other haunts in the South Florida area you should really check out during your visit.

Enigma Haunt is located at 21069 S. Military Trail. Boca Raton, FL 33486
Located in nearby Boca Raton, Enigma Haunt boasts several haunted houses.

Located at G-Star Motion Picture Studios 2030 South Congress Avenue. Palm Springs, FL
Created by students, this attraction features one haunt and was named as one of the Travel Channel’s “13 Scariest Haunted Attractions in America” in 2008.

Located at Miami International Ma11. 1455 NW 107th Ave Doral, FL 33172
This attraction features one haunt, rides and entertainment.


Are you ready to be really REALLY scared? Then check out some of the REAL haunted houses in Florida – let’s see how brave you really are!

Let’s start with a property that has been transported right next door to our haunts, located in Yesteryear Village on the South Florida Fairgrounds: The Riddle House!


Riddle House, West Palm Beach, Florida

Originally serving as a funeral parlor (then known as “Gatekeeper’s Cottage”), the Riddle House was the overseers house of Woodlawn Cemetery. It said to be haunted by several spirits. Buck, the ghost of a former overseer, ghost walks the porch – pacing back and forth. And Joseph, also one of Riddle’s employees, who hung himself in the attic to escape his financial troubles. As the house was being transported to Yesteryear Village in 1995, the carpenters and other workers reconstructing the building claimed to have experienced paranormal events, like tools being moved and broken windows; one of them was even struck in the head by a piece of wood in the staircase, which appeared from nowhere. The house was investigated in 2008 by the ghost-hunting crew of the paranormal television series Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.


The River Inn, Miami, Florida

Miami, one of the oldest cities in South Florida, has it’s share of haunts, including Miami’s River Inn: Miami’s most haunted hotel. The building has been around since the early 1900’s and has been visited by several U.S. Presidents. Today, guests swear they hear banging and footsteps in the middle of the night. Do you dare stay there?


Ghost Light Road, Jacksonville Florida

One of Jacksonville Florida’s most haunted places is not a place at all – but a road: Jacksonville’s Ghost Light Road. The legend states the haunting was caused by a horrible accident, where a man was decapitated and died. Drivers swear that anyone who travels down that very same road at 5 miles an hour will glimpse a white light that will follow and hover above the car.


Leon County Jail, Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee’s Leon County Jail was originally constructed in the early 1900’s, and was home to several notorious killers, like like Ted Bundy. Inmates report strange noises as well as a woman wandering the grounds, dressed in early 1900’s clothing.


Ashley’s Restaurant, Tallahassee, Florida

Diners say that Ashley’s Restaurant, in Tallahassee, Florida has several ghosts and poltergeist haunting the premises. Legend has it a young woman and man were killed by a train near the tracks, and they are doomed to forever haunt the restaurant.


Hotel 8, (room 206) Orlando, Florida

Hotel 8, In Orlando, Florida is haunted. Specifically Room 206. Visitors swear that the room temperature will drop and a ghostly man will shake the bed while you sleep. There have also been reports from guest that the water will turn on and off by itself.


Rouse Road Cemetery, Orlando, Florida

Constructed in the early 1800’s, the Rouse Road Cemetery is Orlando’s oldest existing cemetery. It is said to be haunted by Benjamin Miles, who died in 1840 and is buried in an unmarked grave. A dangerous, shady spirits, visitors report a temperature drop, followed by the cry of an owl.


Lake Worth Playhouse, Lake Worth, Florida

The Lake Worth Playhouse was built in 1924 by brothers Lucien and Clarence Oakley. Patrons swear Lucien’s ghost has been seen in mirrors, objects get moved around, and footsteps are heard.


Vinoy Hotel, St. Petersburg, Florida

Now owned by Marriott, the Vinoy Hotel has had several sightings. Several claim to have seen a man in a top hat and long coat standing over their bed. One claims to have felt like someone pressed on his back while he was sleeping.


Belleview-Biltmore Hotel, Belleair, Florida

The Belleview Biltmore Resort and Spa is a historic resort hotel located at 25 Belleview Boulevard in the town of Belleair, Florida, USA. Numerous guests and employees have reported strange and unusual events such as the appearance of apparitions wandering throughout the halls of the resort, or of troublesome poltergeists creating annoying noises, and unexplained movements of the elevators.


Huguenot Cemetery, St. Augustine, Florida

The Huguenot Cemetery is the most haunted cemetery in the Ancient City. Visitors have reported wispy ghosts in the trees, orbs of lights floating among the stones, and a transparent young girl in a white dress who appears sometimes after midnight on top of the City Gates. Legend has it, a 14-year old girl who died of yellow fever was dumped at the City Gates. No one ever claimed her and she was buried in the Huguenot Cemetery. It is also said the ghost of former Judge John B. Stickney still haunts the grounds.