2016 Haunts

Fright Nights Haunted Houses at the South Florida Fairgrounds

Fright Nights is proud to announce our 2016 haunted house themes:

    The Void – A terrifying trip into darkness where evil lurks in the shadows
    Sunnyville Schoolhouse – The school may be closed, but no one told the demons within
    Doll Factory – What lives behind their empty smiles and glassy eyes?
    Pestilence – As the plague doctors attempt to rid the city of a decimating disease, Nosferatu’s blood reign begins


Why Fright Nights?

4 Haunted Houses feature terrifying live actors, cool special effects, and scary monsters!

Fright Nights is the premier haunted house attraction in South Florida and 2016 is going to be chock full of scares!
With 4 full haunts, escape rooms, crazy midway scare zones, theme park rides, live music, food, and entertainment,Fright Nights should be your number one Scream Park destination in 2016! The reason Fright Nights is the best haunted house in South Florida is simple:

We care about the scare!

Each year we are dedicated to bringing you BRAND NEW haunted attractions, and 2016 will be no different. In past years we’ve had everything from flesh-eating zombies to twisted carnivals, haunted prisons, evil clowns, haunted hotels, ghostly graveyards, insane asylums, corn mazes, haunted hayrides, Psychotic hillbillies and more! Located at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, we have ACRES of scares and plenty of parking. Be sure to “friend us” on Facebook for updates on when the dead will walk again!

NEW! Escape Fright Nights!

We have something new to offer this year: two horror-themed escape rooms. “Escape Fright Nights” will have live actors that interact with, and even scare, players as they try to solve the puzzles and escape the rooms. As a bonus, participants will be given access to the Midway, so they can enjoy rides, food and entertainment after they escape the room.

There are two Escape Room scenarios to choose from – each one is an hour long:

OUTBREAK: A lab has released a deadly virus and is overrun by zombies – you have one hour to find the cure. Beware, as this escape room features the undead lurking around every corner. This is the scariest of the two rooms and not for the faint of heart.

FREAK SHOW: The Smiths Traveling Circus is back in town, and now someone is dead. Find the murderer before he finds you. This room features a sinister clown who may help or hinder you – depending on the game play.